Do well as an escort at Eton.


You may think that Mayfair in London is the poshest place in the UK to date escorts, but in fact, if you want to hook up with really classy girls, you should check out the Royal County of Berkshire and Eton escorts. These girls are much more likely to be found at a Polo match than hanging out in some bar. Working and escorting in Eton is a bit of a mind field and you certainly need to take a different approach.

Luckily I had previous experience of escorting when I came to Eton escorts, but I still had to change the way that I do things. Eton is the only place I worked in where I have come across people who are posh. The gents here at Eton are happy to pay a lot more for a date, and as a result, I have ended up working part-time. When I am not at Eton escorts, I run my own business. Not that I need to, but this is all about staying legit if you know what I mean.

When I am not on outcalls for Eton escorts from, I am busy running my hamper service. They are luxury hampers, and I have my website where you can order whatever you would like for your hamper. It is called All Hampered Up, and you can fill your basket with anything from a bottle of wine to a bottle of champagne with crystal glasses from Waterford Crystals. It is my idea and has proved to be very popular in this part of Berkshire.

I love working for Eton escorts, but at the same time, I love my own little business. The great thing is that my two jobs go hand in hand, and that is what I like. Since I started to work for the escort agency, and my own business, I have never been bored. To be fair, I do have to work rather hard, but it pays off. If it did not do that, I would drop the business I am currently in, and find something else to do when I am not working for the escort agency in Eton.

Do I sometimes bump into my dates? I do, but it does not matter. I am perfectly discreet, and most of the ladies around here know me as the hamper girl anyway. It is the perfect “disguise” for Eton escorts and allows me to mix seamlessly with the people around here. I love it and having a social life at Eton is important. It is the first time I have had a social life and been “legit” at the same time as working for an escort agency. It just works for me, and I do love to live and work at Eton. It is a different lifestyle in London, but it is the kind of lifestyle a girl can get used to.

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