I think I have an addiction to money 

I happened to be very lucky in the sense that I come from a family who is quite wealthy and you have many assets and cash cows so when I was growing up I never really wanted for anything. Then when I left school and university and then got an amazing job with London escorts  at London X City which was my own little personal cash cow or I can make quite a bit of money.


Working for London escorts was entirely my choice parents are set up my trust fund I did not need to have a job to survive. I think my choice in working for London escort despite not having to work at all was for two reasons one the social aspect of things and being able to date some of the most elite men in London and to just because I have money in a trust fund that is released to me on a weekly basis doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want more money.


The girls at London escorts always look at me confused when I explain myself to them they understand the fact that I may enjoy working in London escorts but when I say oh I want more money that’s the part that they don’t understand. There is ask me how could you want more money when you have it all. I always respond with just because I have it or doesn’t mean I can’t want more.


I guess deepdown the idea of accumulating money even if it’s just to look at in my bank account excites me. Some of the girls from London escort say that I’m addicted to money because all I ever wanna do is accumulate it and look at it in my account.


Don’t get me wrong I enjoy spending money can I guess because I have so much of it I tend to spend it oh nice things and then after satisfied that need I like to just watch the numbers increase on my bank statement. One of the girls from London escort very aptly said that watching my money grow my accounts literally turns me on. Well I can’t deny the fact that it does make me feel very very good inside.


I’m always one of the first ones at London escort to take on a double shift and I hustle just as hard as the other girls at the agency to make my money and get the clients bookings. It’s always been the way for me as I realise very quickly when I started London escort there if I hustle hard I’ll get paid. I guess what confuses the receptionist and the girls at London escort is the fact that I literally Do you not need the money. Is it because I know how I am about money and my social status I’m very weary about who I like close to my life so boyfriends are not something that I have not really anyway and I’m quite sceptical about new friends have just popped out of nowhere. The girls in London escort have told me so many stories about gold digging men and women so I’m very cautious about that to protect my precious money.

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