Intimate Sex and Relationship Advice

Tips on keeping the sexual aspect of your long term relationship alive while being long distance for months on end.
Take advantage of digital tools. Really do. If you were having this relationship 20, 30 years ago, you’d have to write letters.
I guess it doesn’t just have to be like full on Skype sex and masturbating on camera to each other or whatever you want to do. But the teasing element of like, yes it hurts not being able to see that person, but you can play on that as well according to Enfield Escorts from
I think, being able to tease, sexting, phone sex. I think using your imagination, you know, what are you wearing? It sounds cheesy, a bit cliche, but sometimes it can be a turn on. And don’t think of it as long distance as well. You must always remember that eventually there’s a goal. So you will end up seeing each other very soon so still try and keep things hot and alive. Definitely, as i mentioned, video sex and what not. But just always remember that there are still different ways that you can always keep each other hot.
I don’t know, just flustered. Do you know another thing? I’ll be very honest as well. It depends on how you are. I think sending each other hot scenes, it doesn’t even have to be of each other. Maybe sending a gif to your boyfriend and being like when I see you, I’m gonna do this to you. I think that is really hot and steamy. I do that. Getting inspiration from elsewhere according to Enfield Escorts.
Is it normal that I can only come through oral and how can I come through penetration?
It is very normal though that you get into a routine and your body remembers what it can come from and then it makes it more difficult to be able to come through other things. I don’t know, I feel like it’s all about learning what your body likes and what it enjoys. I think when it comes to even just masturbating, you have to go through a journey with your body and understand what it likes.
It is really, really normal. Although I feel like there are different ways that each woman can come. And as long as you know what way it is, what does it really matter? As long as you’re getting that big O. Also, coming through penetration alone is not something that happens for most women.
How do you improve your gag reflex?
Oh, your gag reflex. I think just practising . Practising , yeah. I feel like I just have a gag reflex. That is my limit. I think you have to literally practise bit by bit. You have to train yourself. Stretching. It’s just stretching. You have to train yourself.
I’ve never thought of something as a gag reflex as something that you can change. I just always assumed that everyone just had that limit and then that was it, but maybe it is something you can change. I’ve seen some people do some wild things with bananas, just for showing how far they can go.

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