London escorts obsessed with monsters especially the classic odd monsters like Frankenstein

I am the man who used to play with girls. I really don’t figure out why I am so rude with girls that I feel so satisfied once I saw a woman fall for me and that time I will leave her for good. I was known to be as the bad boy of our place. I took advantage with the good looks that I have for I do keep on telling myself I will get the best on my good looks to enjoy life. It was really an awful kind of behavior of mine. I was all thinking all about myself I never waste my time thinking of others. I was so insensitive that I don’t even noticed that my parents were getting hurt with what I am doing. They came up to the point asking where did they got wrong in raising me up for they all just give me  nothing but love. According to

I never noticed and seeing that at all for I was so busy with the life that dreamed of enjoying. Until such time that my mom and dad passed away from a plane crash, that was the only time I wake up from the reality of truth that I only give them hurt ache and head ache with what I did with my life. In honoring my parent’s death and with my greatest love for them I choose to change my life. Part of that change is that I will leave the place where I used to stay in for it will just reminds me of how cruel and rude I am with my life most especially to my parents. So moved in to the place where no one could recognize me. I sell everything that I have with what my parents left me and decide to start a brand new life a brand new beginning in a brand new place.

I just follow where my faith would bring me in while I was in plane I just followed the steps of life and that steps brings me in the place of London. I really started from the very bottom of my life in London that I look for job that would give me moral lessons in life for I do believe that to change life is not an instant process like with instant food that is being served on stores. For a life to change to make better it needs a long term process before it can be digested into the system of life. So I choose to do the whole entire process even though I know it is not that easy thing to do but I will really work for it for my parent’s sake and for myself sake also.

So I dig it on so that things that I had now will be realized. I worked as a street sweeper, food vendor, a crew in a food chain and now an owner of a well-known restaurant in London. It’s been 10 years that I put up my business this kind of success all because of hard work and inspiration that I have with my parents love and dedication to my life. It was really there dream to see me owning a restaurant for they have seen in me the potential in cooking and they saw me since I was a kid that I could be that richest man all because of my ability in cooking. 

Yes I made it all come true I was so happy then but at the same time hurts so bad for I know I could no longer bring back my parents in order for them to witnessed what their son have become now. I know wherever they are now they so proud of what I’ve become. A life that I have in London is not that easy to figure out but I made all through because of the love that I have for parents and with myself. If not because of that I am not so sure if I could survive but I did for I do have the best weapon on my battle that is love and no one could ever defeat it that is why I won.

These recent days I meet this girl who is an London escorts and London escorts obsessed with monsters especially the classic odd monsters like Frankenstein. I love seeing her that way and this time I will make difference with her I will prove to myself that I completely changed.

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