Booking Hot Brunette Girls

What is the difference between dating brunette London escorts and blonde London escorts? The team at d-ten thought it would be interesting to find out how why some men like to date brunettes and why some men like to date blondes in London. We decided that we would ask a couple of gentlemen who enjoy the company of escorts in London on a regular basis to find out why they prefer the company of brunettes charlotte escorts in London.

I guess, it has something to do with the fact that my mom was a brunette, says Mike. When I was a young lad I always spent a lot of time with my mom and her face does come to mind when I hook up with brunette London escorts. I am not going to say that I have a fetish about older London escorts, but I do like dating brunettes. Sure, blondes are great, and all the blonde girls that I have met in London are very sexy, but I still think that there is something special about brunettes.

Brunettes are better at holding a conversation, claims Joe. When Joe is in London, he arranges a lot of business dates with London escorts and says that he knows many of his colleagues prefer brunette London escorts. A lot of brunettes who work as escorts in London come across as smarter than blonde escorts. Joe says that is what his colleagues like about them. Blondes are great after the last brandy but if you would like to enjoy a decent dinner table conversation, you should check out brunettes according to Joe.

Alan who has been dating London escorts for the last five years, says that he prefers to date brunette escorts in London because they are less tarty. In the past, Alan claims to have dated a lot of blonde escorts in London. Although he had a good time, he says that many of the blondes he met were very tarty. It was fun to start with but after a little while, it started to get on his nerves. So he started to date brunette London escorts and has been doing so ever since.

Are there more brunettes working for agencies than blondes? Sadly that is not true. If you are a gentleman who prefers the company of savvy brunettes ladies, you may have to hunt around a bit more to find your perfect date. Most top hired companion companies have brunette on their books, but not all cheap escorts agencies do. If you come across an escort with plenty of hot and savvy brunettes, it would be a good idea to stick to that one company. Is it cheaper to date brunettes? It costs about the same to date brunettes as it does blondes. Just be aware that elite escort services in London are more expensive than other ones. Become a regular with one escort agency and you may just enjoy preferential treatment.

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